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Save money on numbers of email sent
Easily verify email addresses without sending actual emails
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Ensure your emails only reach real people
and your messages are seen by your target audience
Assess the reliability of your lists
Analyze an email online presence among 50+ major online social services
Manage large email lists on the ease
Say goodbye to bounces and hello to effortless accuracy
Protect your sender reputation
Ensure that your emails are not being bounced.
Forget about hard bounces.
Stay GDPR compliant
BounceGuard is compliant with data protection regulations
and protects the privacy and security of your customers' data
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    Our advanced email validation technology checks each email address for syntax errors, domain validity, and mailbox existence without sending actual emails!
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What's inside BounceGuard toolbox
Disposable Email Checker
Spam-trap Removal
Syntax Eliminator
Domain Confirmation
Catch-All Domain Cheker
Email Deduplication
MTA Validation
Email Verification API
Could I get additional information
about an email?

Certainly! We have launched an incredible feature that verifies whether your contact is registered on over 50 different online social services.

This feature allows you to segment your lists based on your contacts' interests. With it, you can determine if there is a human over the email rather than a bot.

How much does it cost? It costs as low as 70 credits.

Flexible pricing
$0.0014 / credit

Features calculator

Feature Credits for 1 query Queries count
Email Validation 1 credit 1000
Email Scoring 70 credits 100
IP Checker 100 credits 10
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How does BounceGuard integrate with email marketing tools or platforms?
BounceGuard has a reliable API with webhook capabilities. You can seamlessly integrate it into any flow you have. Additionally, you can upload and download email lists in CSV format from the dashboard.
Do my credits expire?
We have no-expire credits policy. You can buy them now and use after a month or even a year.
Will I be charged for the "not validated" and "duplicate" emails?
No, we charge only for successfully validated emails.
Why has my request been stuck at a certain point for quite a long time?
At times, there are instances of high load, which can lead to the delayed response times. But don't worry, all your requests will be processed soon. Logo
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