Last update: 19.06.2023

Anti-Spam Policy

This Anti-Spam Policy serves as an extension to our existing Terms of Use. At TrafficBar (LTD) ("we," "us," or "our"), we have a strict stance against spam. In line with The Spamhaus Project's definition, we consider spam to be unsolicited and bulk communication. To utilise our Services, it is imperative that you adhere to the requirement of verifying email addresses only for recipients who have explicitly granted you permission to send them messages. All recipients must have willingly opted-in to receive communications from you. Opt-in consent can be obtained through various channels, such as sign-up forms on websites, point-of-sale sign-up forms, or physical sign-up sheets.

Prohibited use

You may not use our Services to:

  • verify email addresses without the subscriber’s permission to receive email communications from your entity
  • verify purchased lists (whether they are opt-in or not)
  • verify harvested email addresses from websites or other sources
  • verify permutations of email addresses
  • verify generated email addresses

Allowed use

You may:

  • verify email addresses for which a user has opted-in to receive email communications from you
  • verify email addresses provided by your end-users via a sign-up form


If, in our sole discretion, we find that you have verified email addresses without the recipients' opt-in consent, your account will be promptly terminated. We reserve the right to initiate a review of your verifications based on abuse complaints or the identification of patterns associated with harvested, generated, or other non-opted-in lists. During the investigation period, we may, at our discretion, temporarily suspend your account until the completion of our inquiries.

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