Last update: 19.06.2023

Third-party Services

At BounceGuard, we recognize that everyone possesses unique talents, skills, and experiences. While we excel in email validation and verification, we acknowledge that there are other service providers who specialise in areas such as purchase processing, chat widgets, analytics, and user experience monitoring, among others.

To ensure that we deliver the optimal experience to you, we have carefully selected the top third-party services in their respective fields. The specific third-party processors we engage with may vary depending on your interaction with our Site or Service. Below, you will find a list of these processors.


As a website visitor, if you choose not to provide your email address or any other personal data to subscribe to a list or sign up for a free trial of our Service, we may still collect statistical non-personal data through the use of cookies. For more detailed information about our use of cookies, you can refer to the dedicated section on our website.

Even though we are not collecting any information there, we are using following tools:

  • Google (Privacy Policy)

    To access statistical data about our users and identify areas for improvement on our website and software, we utilise Google Analytics. Additionally, we employ Google AdWords to promote our service and content. The data we collect from our users enables us to optimise our advertising efforts, targeting ads more effectively, and customising our remarketing campaigns. In order to synchronise all the statistics we collect across the various systems we utilise, we rely on Google Tag Manager.

    You can opt-out from data collection here: google analytics opt-out


If you make a purchase of the Service, we process your data using following data processors:

  • Stripe (Privacy Policy)

    To handle the entire purchase flow, we utilise Stripe as our payment management system. As a result, all billing information is shared and stored securely within the Stripe platform. This ensures the protection and confidentiality of your billing details throughout the purchasing process.